New Developments

The east I-70 Corridor continues to be the beneficiary of rising levels of investment from commercial centers creating new employment, commerce and tax dollars to the future Spaceport Colorado, what will be America’s hub for commercial space transportation, research and development. The following are developments starting construction and/or approvals, all within 12 to 20 minutes of Bennett Crossing.  These large sized project spur economic development and job creation, which translates to the need for new housing and continued commercial growth.

Spaceport (Front Range Airport, Watkins)

7 miles west of Bennett

In 2011, the Front Range Airport Advisory Board realized the future opportunity for a space facility location.  In the past 5 years, grants were procured by the airport to assist with funding the licensure process, a spaceport consultant hired, environmental assessments completed, and in 2016 an application submittal to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Commercial Space Division.

Barry Gore, Front Range Airport Advisory Board chairman, shared publicly in August 2016, that while this is a long and complicated process, it’s worthwhile “for Colorado it keep its leading aerospace industry position in the country.”  With the second largest aerospace workforce in America, Colorado has the right people and resources to create a new aerospace and technology park at Spaceport Colorado.  Mr. Gore relays confidence the Spaceport designation at Front Range Airport in Watkins will be approved by the FAA near term.

Spaceport Colorado will be America’s hub for commercial space transportation, research and development.  Horizontal launch spaceports are developing around the world and will become the foundation for a global suborbital transportation network.  As Colorado’s newest aerospace facility, Spaceport Colorado will be a space-driven economic engine for the aerospace industry, global logistics providers, educators and space tourism; situated just 7 miles northwest of Bennett Crossing.


Amazon Distribution Center

15 miles west of Bennett

In June 2016, over 250 employees opened Amazon’s first Colorado distribution center along the east I-70 Corridor.  Amazon’s presence in metro area allows it to expand its delivery process with the opening of the 452,000-square-foot warehouse distribution facility located in the Majestic Common Center at I-70 & E-470. Amazon intends to expand employment growth at this facility by an additional 40% within the first year.


Chase Data Center

15 miles west of Bennett

JPMorgan Chase has acquired 100 acres of land at Aurora Crossroads Regional Activity Center with plans to open an ‘operations site’ by 2019 at the SEC of I-70 and E-470.  This nearby investment will benefit the local economy and create numerous well-paying jobs.  More information is scheduled to be released in the months ahead.

Gaylord Rockies and Conference Center

17 miles west of Bennett

The Gaylord Rockies and Conference Center will be comprised of the 1,500-room, Gaylord Rockies Hotel and Conference Center. This $800 million facility will boast a hotel and conference center with approximately 485,000 square feet of meeting space in Aurora. The project is located in proximity to Denver International Airport and is expected to bring 2,500 permanent jobs to the region once completed.  This massive project is located just 17 miles from Bennett Crossing.


20 miles west of Bennett

In April 2016 Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company announced it would build a technology center and business solutions hub along the east I-70 corridor.  Situated at a rail stop at 61st and Pena Boulevard, the plan will make large-scale AV displays and solar panels; ideal given the local surge of installation of solar arrays.  The venture will bring in as many as 400 new jobs and generate as much as $82 million in economic benefit to the region.  The mixed-use development will include multi-family residential, office space and retail shops.


Denver International Airport (DIA)

DIA is a significant economic engine and employer for the area and will be a great source of renters for the surrounding area. Overall, DIA supports approximately 217,459 jobs. 76,092 of these jobs are On-Airport tenant positions. The remaining 141,367 jobs are tied to the DIA airport system as a result of visitor impact. With employment in the airport region projected to grow at more than double the rate of Metro Denver, DIA will continue to be a factor in the Denver Metro area’s regional economic stability.

DIA Employment Statistics

– Including Denver International, Colorado’s Airports support approximately 217,459 jobs and contribute to $1.1 billion in state and locatl tax revenues. *

– Employment in the airport region is projected to grow at more than double the rate of Metro Denver, adding to the region’s economic stability.

– Passenger traffic at DIA reached 53.4 million in 2014**


* Source:2013 Airports Colorado Economic Impact Study: Prepared by ICF SH&E, Inc. with Javiation, EDR Group and KRAMER aerotek, Inc. & Colorado Aeronautics Division, CDOT

** Source: Denver International Airport Statistics